Joey Gallegos

Web Developer, UI/UX Designer

👋Hi! I'm Joey, a web developer from Houston, Texas. I'm skilled in frontend and backend web development while staying focused on enhancing the customer's experience.

I help small businesses, startups and clients of all sizes to create memorable products & experiences for their customers and visitors.

If you are interested in working together, I am always looking for new opportunities and interesting projects. Please contact me with more information. Whenever you need to be right — we'll get there together.

My Recent Work

Here you will find my selected client work which consists mainly of web and mobile based experiences.

Morgan David King - Personal Portfolio

I created a dynamic and user friendly website with a proprietary code-base. I prepared and designed visually appealing pages and crisp content for users to see on the website while also creating a user experience perfect for his portfolio.

Evan King Music

Evan is a music producer who needed a website to showcase his music while giving visitors a beautiful viewing experience. This website features a parallax background and allows users to register for updates directly from Evan.

Metall Electric

Metall Electric was looking for a way to grow their online presence while creating a portfolio that would showcase selected projects and services. This also gives new and existing customers a way to contact the company and request quotes.

Development Overview

A brief overview of the steps I take to your bring products to life on the web. We'll work together to create designs and interactions that attract more customers and influence your business partners. Together we'll find innovation in unexpected areas.

Research and Design

Research and Design

During the research and design, I work with you to bring clarity to the business objectives for the entire project. Once complete, we do a full review of the concept to ensure the scope of the project fits perfectly with you and your business.

Web Development

Web Development

When the full review is complete, I take the concept into development; making sure the website is created with the best technologies for your site or application. Usability, performance and stability are crucial metrics that I focus on.

Gather Feedback

Gather Feedback

After certain milestones, we connect over a feedback session that usually provides us with a clear path to make the experience better than we first planned. I work with you to make subtle or large changes that makes the experience better for your customers everywhere.

Let's make it a reality together.

Bringing your idea to life is easier than you think. I'd love to hear more about your product.