Project Statistics


Morgan David King


I created a dynamic and user friendly website with a proprietary code-base. I prepared and designed visually appealing pages and crisp content for users to see on the website while also creating a user experience perfect for his portfolio.

The website has managed a astounding amount of returning users (16,711) which ends up being 11.88% of the total traffic for the year 2017. The website was has been rendered through 41 various web browsers.

Converting Concept to Product

I focused on creating an easy-to-use design with clean and understandable interactions that made the overall viewing experience of the website fast and simple.

Quality-Driven Implementation

I created a efficient and flexable codebase that is easy to extend and modularize without technical effort. Adding new features or elements into the website is the easy part. After implementing new features or fixes, the latest changes can be uploaded within minutes.

Speciality Services

Web Development

What if your website could bring you double the revenue you had last year? A fresh and easy to use design attracts more customers to your services. Having the right tools and the right strategies to overcome the unavoidable challenges makes it all the more doable!

Scope of Work

  • Back-End Development

  • Information Architecture

  • Wireframing and Prototyping

  • Performance testing

  • Front-End Development

  • User Flow Mapping

  • Responsive Design

  • Real User Feedback

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A look at the process behind the wireframing of each page

Concept, Strategy & Assembly

We started exploration on the user experience and pain point discovery. We looked for a strategy to fix the problem by producing wireframes and design sketches. The end result was a simple, colorful and easy to use online experience.


Using custom created software, AdminTools provides user analytics, endless website configuration and system monitoring. This also includes integration with helpful tools such as Google Analytics and Mailgun for email notifications.