Metall Electric


Metall Electric was in the need of an online presence that would showcase their services and previous customers while being simple to use. I produced several concepts and iterations of the design that would leverage existing photos and content to visualize the company's dedication to their customers. Specialized software was also created to provide Metall Electric the ability to push fresh content to the website quickly.

Converting Concept to Product

Together we created a straightforward and consistent user experience for new and returning customers that is easy to use. The overall viewing experience of the website was designed to be fast and simple on every device as well as highlight important content - such as the services offered or previous customers.

Mobile Experience

A mobile-friendly experience is very important for customers that are on-the-go. We quickly exposed the lacking experience of the in-progress website and created a detailed design that solved every shortcoming of the mobile website. This helped to differentiate Metall Electric in a list of competitors.

Design Challenges

At Metall Electric, I helped to increase acquisition of customers by creating a website using deep insights with opportunity analysis. When publishing this website online, we faced several challenges such as defining how the content should be displayed on the website. Once the website was available for all, we did so with high quality content while at the same time continuing to get feedback from internal and external users.

During this project, I learned that one of the key importance is to always start with gathering user research to guide the design and implementation decisions. We now collect basic demographic information to help us drive the future changes we make to the websites functionality and navigation.

The hardest challenge was not only how to differentiate Metall Electric in a list of competitors, but how to convey the work ethic and passion for helping customers achieve their goals.

Focusing on Design Challenges

Joey is endlessly helpful, flexible, and always quick to respond. His quality of work has gone far beyond my expectations. The end result was a very sophisticated website that looks amazing, has excellent functionality and gives our customers that experience we wanted them to have while working with us. We look forward to working with him again in the future.

Jaushua Fredzess, Founder and Owner of Metall Electric


A look at the process behind the wireframing of each page

Concept, Strategy & Assembly

We started exploration on the user experience and pain point discovery. We looked for a strategy to fix the problem by producing wireframes and design sketches. The end result was a simple, colorful and easy to use online experience.


Using custom created software, AdminTools provides user analytics, endless website configuration and system monitoring. This also includes integration with helpful tools such as Google Analytics and Mailgun for email notifications.